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5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS Output 3 Phases 380VAC

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Introduction to Vanadium Redox Flow Battery

Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFBs) represent a breakthrough in rechargeable battery technology, offering unparalleled advantages in scalability and lifespan. These batteries harness the unique properties of vanadium ions across different oxidation states, providing a solution that is not only reliable and safe but also environmentally friendly. Ideal for a wide range of applications, VRFBs are reshaping energy storage globally, making them essential for the efficient use of renewable energy sources.

For those looking to bring this innovative technology into their homes, the 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS from Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd. stands out. With its robust 3 phases 380Vac output, this system is perfectly suited for residential settings that demand a reliable and sustainable energy supply. Whether you’re integrating solar power, managing peak energy use, or ensuring backup power, this VRFB offers the performance you need to maintain a steady and efficient energy flow.

At Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd., we pride ourselves on being a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced engineering solutions like the Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries in India. Our commitment to excellence and sustainability positions us at the forefront of the energy sector, providing products that meet the rigorous demands of modern energy management. When you choose our 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS, you’re not just investing in a battery; you’re investing in a future where energy is more sustainable, reliable, and efficient. Experience the difference with Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd., where we turn advanced engineering into practical, everyday solutions.

5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS Output 3 phases 380Vac

The 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS with a 3 phases 380Vac output from Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd. is a cutting-edge energy storage solution designed for the modern home. This Vanadium Redox Flow Battery leverages the unique properties of vanadium to provide a highly scalable, durable, and efficient system for managing residential energy needs. It excels in storing energy generated from renewable sources like solar or wind, and efficiently delivers it during peak demand times or when the grid goes down, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

At Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd., we’re selling this top-tier product by highlighting its robust output capabilities, exceptional lifespan, and environmental benefits. It’s perfect for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint while enhancing energy reliability and independence. By emphasizing its ease of integration with existing home systems and its superior performance, Pratishna Engineers Ltd. is positioning the 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS as the ideal choice for those seeking a sustainable, future-proof energy solution.

Technical Specification of 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS Output 3 phases 380Vac

Let us make your purchase easy with technical specifications below to ensure that the 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS meets your energy storage needs and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.
Product Name5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS Output 3 phases 380Vac
Rated Voltage48V DC
Rated Power5kW
Rated Energy30kWh
Rated Energy Efficiency80 %
Stack Weight130kg
Battery Weight2.5t
Electrolyte Weight2.2t
Electrolyte1.5M V(IV/III)
Charging Voltage Limit60VDC
Cycle Life20000 Times
Rated Current105A
Rated Time6hrs
Rated Capacity630Ah
Maximum Power20kW
Stack Size63cm×75cm×35cm
Battery Size2.0m×1.2m×2.0m
Electrolyte Volume1.6m³
Working Temperature-30~60℃
Discharging Voltage Limit40VDC
Storage LifeLimitless

5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS Price

If you are looking to purchase a 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS, it’s important to know the current market price. Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd. offers the best and affordable price in the market listed below: –

Product NamePrice
5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS_______ / Piece

Understanding the Working Mechanism of
5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS Output 3 phases 380Vac

Understanding the working mechanism of the 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS with a 3 phases 380Vac output reveals why this system is not just an energy solution, but an investment in your home’s future. This advanced Vanadium Redox Flow Battery harnesses the robust properties of vanadium ions in varying oxidation states, ensuring a dependable and consistent power supply.

The system operates by cycling vanadium ions through different oxidation states within an electrolyte solution, allowing it to store and release energy with exceptional efficiency. When the battery charges, it absorbs power, storing it as chemical energy by shifting the oxidation state of the vanadium. On discharging, this process reverses, and the battery delivers a steady 5kW power output, perfect for managing daily energy demands and reducing reliance on grid power.

With a substantial energy capacity of 30kWh and a rated time of 6 hours, the 5KW20KWH VRFB ESS is capable of powering your essential home appliances through peak usage times or interruptions, ensuring your life remains uninterrupted. Its design to provide 20,000 cycles at an 80% energy efficiency rate makes it a long-term, cost-effective solution, reducing both energy bills and environmental impact.

Opt for the 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS by Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd. to secure an energy-independent future for your home with a system that promises durability, efficiency, and the utmost reliability.

Features and Advantages of 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS Output 3 phases 380Vac

The 5KW20KWH Residential Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) Energy Storage System (ESS) offers a suite of features designed to provide homeowners with a reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solution. Here are the key features and advantages:

  • Reliable Power Output: Delivers a consistent 5kW of power, efficiently meeting the daily energy demands of a modern home. Its three-phase 380Vac output ensures that it can handle multiple high-demand appliances simultaneously.
  • High Energy Capacity: With a 30kWh storage capacity, this system is well-suited for extended usage during peak hours or in case of grid failures, ensuring that your home stays powered.
  • Long Operational Life: Designed to withstand up to 20,000 charge-discharge cycles, this VRFB offers an exceptionally long service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thereby lowering long-term costs.
  • Superior Energy Efficiency: Operates at an 80% energy efficiency rate, ensuring more of the stored energy is usable, which is crucial for maximizing the returns on your energy investments.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: The inherent safety of the VRFB technology minimizes risks of fires and explosions, making it a safer choice for residential settings compared to other battery types.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Utilizes an eco-friendly design that includes a non-toxic, recyclable electrolyte, contributing to reduced environmental impact and supporting sustainable living practices.
  • Scalable Solution: The modular nature of VRFB technology allows for easy scalability. Homeowners can increase capacity simply by adding more electrolyte and storage tanks if needed.
  • Temperature Resilience: Effectively operates across a wide temperature range from -30 to 60°C, making it suitable for various climatic conditions without compromising performance.
  • Low Maintenance Requirements: Requires minimal maintenance due to its simple mechanical structure and the stability of the vanadium electrolyte solution.
  • Independence from the Grid: Provides the ability to store excess energy generated from renewable sources like solar or wind, enhancing energy independence and reducing reliance on traditional power grids.

The 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS is more than just a battery; it’s a comprehensive energy management system that promises efficiency, safety, and sustainability for your home.

Applications of 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS Output 3 phases 380Vac

The 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS is a versatile and powerful energy storage solution designed to cater to a wide range of applications within a residential setting. Here are some of the key applications:

  • Renewable Energy Integration: This system is ideal for storing excess energy generated from residential solar panels or wind turbines. It enables homeowners to store renewable energy during peak production times and use it during periods of low production or high demand, enhancing energy self-sufficiency.
  • Peak Shaving: The VRFB can be used to reduce energy consumption from the grid during peak tariff hours. By using stored energy during these times, homeowners can significantly reduce their electricity bills.
  • Load Leveling: The system can balance the power load by storing energy during low usage periods and releasing it during higher demand periods, thus optimizing energy use and preventing the overloading of home electrical systems.
  • Energy Management: With its 3 phases 380Vac output, the VRFB can effectively manage the energy distribution within the home, ensuring that energy is utilized in the most efficient manner possible.
  • Grid Independence: For homes located in remote or off-grid areas, the VRFB provides a practical solution for creating a standalone energy system that can operate independently of the utility grid.
  • Smart Home Integration: The VRFB can be integrated into smart home systems to enhance energy management, allowing for automated control of energy storage and distribution based on real-time usage data and preferences.
  • Support for High-Power Appliances: The system’s capacity and output make it suitable for homes with high-power requirements, such as those with electric vehicle charging stations or large HVAC systems.

These applications make the 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS an excellent choice for homeowners looking to enhance their energy efficiency, ensure reliable power supply, and reduce their environmental impact through smarter energy use.

Other Variants of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB)

Vanadium Flow Battery for Home:

  • 5KW VRFB Energy Storage System: Specifically designed for residential use, this system seamlessly integrates with solar and wind power to enhance home energy management.
  • 10KW30KWH VRFB: Offers increased capacity and power for residential applications, providing reliable energy storage for larger homes or those with higher energy demands.
  • 2.5KW VRFB System – China CEC VRFB: A compact system ideal for smaller homes or as a starter unit for residential energy storage.
  • 5KW30KWH VRFB Energy Storage System ESS – VRFB: A mid-range system that balances capacity and power, suitable for average-sized homes.
  • Cheap 5KW VRFB System: An economically priced option for both residential and commercial use, offering a practical solution for those new to energy storage systems.

For Industry Use:

  • 50KW250KWH Containerized VRFB ESS: A large-scale energy storage system with BMS, EMS, and PCS, designed for industrial applications requiring substantial power and energy management.
  • 1MW2MWH VRFB ESS: This high-capacity system is ideal for balancing grid operations and large-scale industrial energy needs.
  • 50KW Module Containered VRFB: Modular design allows for flexibility and scalability in industrial settings, providing reliable power and energy storage.
  • 5KW30KWH VRFB Energy Storage System ESS: While also available for residential use, this capacity is suited for small businesses and commercial facilities needing energy storage solutions.

These types of Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries cater to a broad range of applications, from individual homes to large-scale industrial operations, highlighting the versatility and adaptability of VRFB technology in various energy management scenarios.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd. for our unparalleled expertise in delivering advanced energy solutions like the 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to quality, reliability, and innovation. Our products are designed with the consumer in mind, offering superior performance, ease of use, and significant energy cost savings. Additionally, our dedicated customer service and robust after-sales support ensure that you have a seamless experience from purchase to installation and beyond. Opt for Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd. and invest in a sustainable future with a trusted partner that values your needs and guarantees satisfaction.


The 5KW20KWH Residential VRFB ESS provides a continuous power output of 5 kW and a total energy storage capacity of 20 kWh. It operates on a 3-phase 380 Vac output.

Installation is carried out by our certified technicians who will ensure that the system is correctly integrated with your home’s existing electrical setup. A site assessment will be conducted prior to installation to ensure compatibility.

VRFBs offer longer cycle life, lower environmental impact, and improved safety due to their non-flammable nature. They are highly efficient for long-duration energy storage and are fully recyclable.

Absolutely, the VRFB ESS is compatible with solar panel systems, allowing you to store excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night or during low sunlight periods.

The expected lifespan of our VRFB ESS is over 20 years with minimal degradation, making it a long-term energy solution for residential use.

The VRFB ESS requires minimal maintenance, primarily involving routine checks and occasional electrolyte rebalancing to ensure optimal performance.

Our VRFB ESS comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers system components and performance, ensuring peace of mind for homeowners. To know more in detail contact us.

In the event of a power outage, the VRFB ESS automatically switches to battery mode, providing uninterrupted power supply to your home, ensuring critical loads are always powered.

You can purchase the VRFB ESS directly from Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd. by contacting our sales team or visiting our website. We offer consultation services to help you choose the best system for your needs and to guide you through the buying process.

VRFBs are excellent for smoothing out the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources like solar and wind by storing excess energy when production is high and supplying energy when production is low, thus ensuring a constant energy supply.

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