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Introduction to Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machine

Pratishna Engineers Ltd. is at the forefront of manufacturing and exporting state-of-the-art Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines to customers worldwide. As one of the largest injection molding machine manufacturers, we take pride in offering top-quality moulding machines that meet the highest standards. Based in Mumbai, India, Pratishna Engineers Ltd. has gained a reputation as a leading exporter of Industrial Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines.

Being one of the top 10 injection molding machine manufacturers in India, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your plastic injection moulding needs. From concept design to final production, our expert team ensures every step of the process is handled with precision and efficiency. By providing a range of services under one roof, we simplify the manufacturing journey, saving you time and resources.

Pratishna Engineers Ltd. specializes in manufacturing specialised Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines that are capable of producing superior quality plastic parts and products. Whether you require precise components or intricate designs, our machines are designed to deliver exceptional results. Trust Pratishna Engineers Ltd. to provide you with cutting-edge technology and reliable equipment that will elevate your plastic injection moulding capabilities.

Types of Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machine

Vertical Locking Horizontal Injection Moulding Machine

The machine is designed with a vertical clamping mechanism and a horizontal injection unit. This configuration helps diminish the machine’s overall height, making it suitable for applications that need higher tonnage. Vertical Locking Horizontal Injection Moulding machine offers the advantages of insert molding and over molding, allowing for freedom in mold design and reducing the risk of mold damage during production. Additionally, continuous automatic insert molding attachment can be incorporated to enhance productivity.

Vertical Locking Vertical Injection Sliding Double Station

The VRT series Plastic Injection Molding Machine is precisely designed to accommodate plastics components moulded with metal or non-metal inserts, as well as for over molding applications. This machine is available in locking sizes ranging from 50 tons to 250 tons, with the option of a single or double station slide for increased productivity. The machine features microprocessor control and hydraulic locking, supported by a strong mechanical structure that ensures long life and trouble-free operations. The over molding capability of this machine makes it well-suited for the production of toothbrushes, tableware, and automotive products.

Special Purpose Injection Molding Machine Price

If you are looking to purchase a Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machine, it’s important to know the current market price.
Pratishna Engineers Ltd. offers the best and affordable price in the market listed below: –

Product NamePrice
Vertical Locking Horizontal Injection Moulding MachineRs 9 Lakhs / Piece
Vertical Locking Vertical Injection Sliding Double StationRs 12 Lakhs / Piece

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Advantages of Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machine

Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines offer several advantages over standard injection moulding machines. Here are some key advantages:

Increased Efficiency

Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines are optimized for specific purposes, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. They often incorporate advanced technologies and features tailored to the specific application, allowing for faster cycles, higher production rates, and reduced material waste.


Enhanced Flexibility

These machines are designed for specific applications and offer greater flexibility in terms of mould design, material compatibility, and production requirements. They can accommodate unique features such as insert molding, over molding, or specialized processes.


Improved Quality

Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines are engineered to deliver precise and consistent results, ensuring high-quality products. They offer tighter control over parameters such as injection speed, pressure, and cooling, resulting in improved part quality, dimensional accuracy, and surface finish.


Process Optimization

These machines are designed to optimize specific processes; such as insert molding or over molding. They provide seamless integration of multiple components or materials, enabling efficient production and reducing the risk of part failure or assembly issues.


Enhanced Automation and Control

Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines often incorporate advanced control systems, automation features, and user-friendly interfaces. This allows for precise control of process parameters, easy operation, and seamless integration with auxiliary equipment, resulting in streamlined production workflows.


Application-Specific Solutions

These machines are developed to address specific challenges and requirements in various industries. They provide tailored solutions for applications such as over molding, insert molding, multi-component molding, micro-molding, or specific product designs.


By offering increased flexibility, efficiency, cost savings, improved quality, process optimization, versatility, enhanced automation and control, and application-specific solutions, Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines provide distinct advantages for manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes and meet unique application demands.

Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machine Applications

Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines find application in various industries and are designed to cater to specific manufacturing needs. Here are some common applications of Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines:

  1. Consumer Electronics: Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines are employed in the production of various consumer electronic components. These machines are used to manufacture items such as mobile phone cases, laptop keyboard frames, camera components, and remote control housings.
  2. Automotive Industry: These machines are used to produce automotive components such as dashboard panels, door handles, interior trims, and electrical connectors. These machines offer capabilities like multi-component moulding, over molding, and precise part customization.
  3. Medical Industry: They play a crucial role in manufacturing medical devices and components. They are utilized to produce items such as syringe barrels, medical tubing, connectors, valves, and surgical instruments. The machines offer cleanroom compatibility and ensure the highest level of precision and quality.
  4. Electrical and Electronics Industry: Injection Moulding Machines are utilized to manufacture electrical and electronic components such as connectors, switches, sockets, and cable assemblies. These machines offer precise moulding capabilities and can accommodate the integration of metal inserts or over molding.
  5. Toy Industry: Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines are used to manufacture various types of toys, including complex and multi-component designs. These machines offer flexibility in moulding different materials and colours, enabling the production of vibrant and durable toys.
  6. Aerospace Industry: Special Purpose Moulding Machines find application in the aerospace industry for producing components like connectors, housings, brackets, and interior parts. These machines ensure the highest level of quality, precision, and material compatibility.
  7. Plumbing and Sanitary Industry: These machines are used to manufacture plumbing and sanitary components like pipe fittings, valves, faucets, and bathroom accessories. These machines ensure leak-proof connections and high-quality finishes.
  8. Furniture Industry: Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines find application in the furniture industry for manufacturing components such as chair frames, table legs, and decorative elements. These machines offer the ability to produce complex shapes, textured surfaces, and customized designs.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of applications where Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines are utilized. With their customized features, precise control, and specialized capabilities, these machines cater to specific industry requirements, enabling efficient and high-quality production of components and products.

Why Choose Us?

Pratishna Engineers Ltd. stands out as the leading injection moulding machine manufacturers in India. Our primary focus is on ensuring the satisfaction and happiness of our buyers, as we believe that it brings manifold benefits to any company. We have streamlined the payment process, offering convenient options both offline and online. With a strong commitment to essential business values such as integrity, trustworthiness, and loyalty, we treat each customer and employee with utmost respect. Our machines are designed to cater to the diverse preferences of consumers across various market segments, showcasing exceptional performance and capability. If you are seeking a distributorship opportunity for injection molding machines with a renowned and reliable company, Pratishna Engineers Ltd., please feel free to contact us

Market Area of Pratishna Engineers Ltd.

Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Ltd is a prominent company in India that specializes in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting Special Purpose Injection Moulding Machines. We cater to a wide range of customers across various industries and are dedicated to ensuring their satisfaction by offering competitive market prices. Our products are manufactured, supplied, and marketed to cities all over India, and we also export to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa: –

Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Supplying to these Indian Cities: –
Ahmedabad | Indore | Pune | Ludhiana | Surat | Delhi | Kolkata | Noida | Mumbai | Chennai | Jaipur | Gurugram | Hyderabad | Bangalore | Vadodara | Faridabad | Rajkot 

Pratishna Engineers Ltd. Exporting to these Countries: –
Netherlands | Mexico | Kenya | Tanzania | Oman | USA | Poland | Italy | Nigeria | Indonesia | United Kingdom | Malaysia | Sri Lanka | Australia | Qatar | Spain | Canada | Uganda | Maldives | Saudi Arabia | United Arab Emirates | Germany | Djibouti | Mauritius

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